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MY PhD Dissertation

Understanding the Challenges of using Personal Data in Media Experiences

My PhD reports and unpacks the challenges faced by both audiences and service providers ( studying various BBC teams ) as media experiences turn towards personal data use that require due sensitivity and response on a holistic and multi-disciplinary scale.


Policy Contribution

Evidence to the U.K. Parliament 

Evidence provided to the U.K. Parliament on the Future of Public Service Broadcasting; Specific Response to "Looking Ahead".

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A workshop hosted at ACM CHI 2021 on implementing the tenets of HDI through Design in a myriad of contexts and research domains that tackle the socio-technical challenges of personal data use.


Designing for Human Data Interaction in Data-Driven Media Experiences

A CHI LBW that explores the design of a Cross Media Profiler that brings together user data from various platforms while supporting the data interactions through a Personal Data Store.

An ACM IMX Full Technical Paper on the user response to a Cross Media Profiler that brings together user data from various platforms while supporting the data interactions through a Personal Data Store.

The LRoTF is an embodied design fiction built to both showcase future adaptive physically immersive media experiences exploiting the Internet of Things (IoT) and to probe the adoption challenges confronting their uptake in everyday life.

Living Room of the Future

Explicating the Challenges of Providing Novel Media Experiences Driven by User Personal Data

The turn towards personal data to drive novel media experiences has resulted in a shift in the priorities and challenges associated with media creation and dissemination. This paper takes up the challenge of explicating this novel and dynamic scenario through an interview study of employees delivering diverse personal data driven media services within the BBC.

CHI paper that explores user attitudes towards a personalised EPG which tailors media recommendations based on users' personal data.

In this paper, we challenge the current zeitgeist that monetisation of data, with its incumbent legal obligations, is the best business model for many personal domestic IoT systems. However, in response, through a PbD approach, novel technical platforms and architectures, like personal information management systems (PIMS), we also offer new directions.

For more publications please checkout my Google Scholar Page

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